Lamborghini Gallardo 2008

Place Europe
Color Giallo Midas
Qty 1 unit
Price Euro115000

Gallardo 5.0 V10 Superleggera , concluded evo magazines notoriously
tough road tester, Richard Meaden, when the all-wheel drive lightweight Lambo
was first launched to the press. And even just to look at, this low-mileage,
exceptionally rare Giallo Midas example confirms the truth of his
Superleggera essentially means super lightweight, and Lamborghini’s
engineers went to obsessive lengths ensure that this version of the Gallardo
lived up to its badging. The inside door panels are one-piece carbonfibre;
the big bolstered sports seats have carbonfibre shells; the engine cover’s
glass window has been replaced by a featherweight transparent polycarbonate
cover; the thin-spoked Skorpious wheels are forged from magnesium and even
feature titanium wheel nuts for extra weight reduction; the wheel hubs are
lighter but stronger, and there are thinner front driveshafts and propshaft.
All this careful attention to detail was very much worth it – the
Superleggera is a whopping 100kg lighter than a standard V10-engined


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